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21-25 august, 2024., Királyrét

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NAPSZARVAS - Tudásőrzők Nemzetközi Találkozója

A Napszarvast, a Tudásőrzők Nemzetközi Találkozóját minden év augusztus végén rendezzük meg, idén már tizedik alkalommal. Találkozzunk idén is Királyréten, Budapesttől 50 km-re északra!

Sundeer is an event inspired by the gathering of knowledge keepers, wise individuals, shamans, healers, teachers, and artists from various parts of the world. Our goal is to share the ancient wisdom, knowledge, and profound experiences of different cultures and the natural world within a community.


What's happening on Sundeer?

Sundeer was born in 2015 and has been blossoming since then thanks to a vital bond of reconnection, healing and love that has created a mutually nourishing relation between our collective space and the diversity of guests participating in the events year by year.

Sundeer találkozó
Sundeer találkozó
Sundeer találkozó

Our goals

Our aim is to share in community the ancient wisdom, knowledge and deep experience of different cultures and the natural world.

Our Vision

The Sundeer's

Sundeer is a meaningful ceremony that invites you to pray and share in community through learning deep-rooted traditions in an atmosphere of reflection and respect. Szeretett Napszarvasunk – az idei a 10. alkalom – helyszíne ismét a  gyermekkorunk meséinek varázserdeit idéző termural evironment evoking the magic forests from the fairy tales of our childhood memories, in the "hills of Királyrét", 50 km north of Budapest.el 50 km-re uszakra található Királyrut.

Listen and immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the Sundeer gathering



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Tudnivalók a helyszínen lévő szállás lehetőségekről (szálloda, turista szállás és kemping).



If you have any requests or dietary requirements, you can find the answers here regarding meals.

Get the feeling of the gathering

Join us and experience the ancient wisdom that rests deeply within us. Our goal is to evoke the ancient memory of humanity and help find the physical and spiritual balance essential for a clearer, healthier life. We welcome everyone who arrives with an open heart and curiosity to be part of the exploration and joy.

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