August 23-27, 2023.


Válts magyarra

Sundeer, The International Gathering of Wisdom Keepers has been organised annually since 2015.

This year we will meet again on the hills of Királyrét, located at 50 km north of Budapest.

Sundeer is a ceremony inspired by the assemble of wisdom keepers, shamans, healers, medicine people, teachers and artists from different parts of the world. Our aim is to share in community the ancient wisdom, knowledge and deep experience of different cultures and the natural world.

Sundeer was born in 2015 and has been blossoming since then thanks to a vital bond of reconnection, healing and love that has created a mutually nourishing relation between our collective space and the diversity of guests participating in the events year by year. During the five profound and thorough days of Sundeer, guided by ceremonies, talks, teachings, concerts, cultivating bonds of respect, cooperation, caring and dialogue, we can find our way back to and experience again life’s natural rhythm.

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Our vision

Sundeer is a meaningful ceremony that invites you to pray and share in community through learning deep-rooted traditions in an atmosphere of reflection and respect.

Our beloved Sundeer – this year for the 9th occasion – will take place in a natural environment evoking the magic forests from the fairy tales of our childhood memories, in the "hills of Királyrét", 50 km north of Budapest.

Sundeer has created a community of elders, teachers, volunteers and participants who year by year renew their commitment to the spiritual path of various ancestral traditions. It provides an opportunity for a nurturing and meaningful learning process in a loving and welcoming environment.

The five-day journey begins on Wednesday at 10 a.m. with the opening fire ceremony, where our guests from different traditions present themselves before Grandfather Fire in communal prayer.

The sacred fire is guarded and kept burning throughout the 5 days of Sundeer until the closing fire ceremony on Sunday. The flames nourish the ceremonies and also serve as live reminders of our connection to the forces of Mother Nature, they invoke our spirit, our ancestry, the possibility of transformation and community.

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